Packaging 100% compostable


NBF Compostable barrier laminate of plant origin Din Certco 7H0177. Transparent/print.


Thermoformable starch and NBF barrier closure - very wide application.


Thermoforming and closing NBF flexible both compostable structures.


A set of compostable starch films also dedicated to clothing, automotive and non-food packaging.


Barrier laminate in 2 versions, both compostable. Laminates for free packaging on vertical packaging machines and more.


A group of compostable film solutions selected individually for the client. Barrier films.


NBF Compostable barrier laminate of plant origin Din Certco 7H0177. Transparent/print.

NBF - Plant Packaging.
How is compost made of it? Take a look at the movie.

NBF is a range of fully compostable packaging solutions

Application categories Film types

NBF Flexible

Barrier laminate a combination of two types of foil of plant origin with the Din Certco certificate confirming the composting of the entire laminate. In contact with food.

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NBF Term

Starch thermoforming film with TUV Austria certificate. Excellent foil for thermoforming trays and various forms with contact with food.

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NBF Antistatic

Starch films for manufacturing bags, films and monopolymers and starch for thermoforming trays wherever ESD antistatic protection is needed.

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NBF Starch

Starch films with a wide range of applications, from protective films, through bags, to films for thermoforming various shapes.

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A set of compostable films of plant origin that we offer for the simplest applications.

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Bio Jars NBF

Jars made of plant polymers certified by TUV AUSTRIA, subject to the composting process.

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Direct economic benefits of NBF introduction

  • 01

    Lower sealing temperature:

    - Petroleum-based plastics at 200 °C
    - NBF at 120°C Energy saving of approx. 40%

  • 02

    Low sealing temperature

    speeds up the production process

  • 03

    Lower carbon footprint by up to approx. 65%

    Lower cost per CO2 emissions according to EU directives

Image benefits

  • Innovative packaging sets you apart from the competition

  • Image of a socially responsible company

  • Fitting in with the current market trend

  • Reaching new target groups for the product

  • Changing the way products are packaged can be used as the foundation for a marketing campaign positioning your brand within your industry

  • NBF packaging will make it easier for companies to do reporting in relation to the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

  • Thanks to NBF packaging, your company can become a "trendsetter" and thus a leader of the industry sector

  • Packaging made from NBF is safe for human health and poses no risk to the environment

Compostable polymers a map of European legislation – 2022

EU priority for 2019-2024 compostable polymers – EU regulation on the second waste package

  • Countries that already have their own regulations for compostable polymers and their applications.
  • Countries that, due to the EU regulation of 30 November 2022, will have to implement regulations for compostable polymers.

We provide technological support

We are involved throughout the entire process of configuring the machines to work on our films and pellets. We provide all the parameters. Most importantly, we refine the process to get into the current production cycles so that there is no loss of production. In case of problems, we call in the machine manufacturer's service and, together with them, adjust the machine to our low-temperature compostable films.

Our Company deals exclusively with compostable solutions

We use primarily plant-based polymers to create safe, hygienic, organic recycling-oriented films and packaging. The first three years of hard work with the biopolymer institutes have shown us that our bioplastics are an excellent opportunity to replace conventional plastics with bioplastics that can be turned into fertilizer.

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