Plant-based packaging

More than packaging...

Plant-based, compostable films are a great opportunity to eliminate petroleum-based plastics. From food packaging to fashion and electronics, EVERYONE can make a difference. You, too, can make a difference... our films have all the composting certificates for both monofilms and barrier laminates. We come from the plants and, ultimately, constitute compost by fertilizing the soil for them. Of Nature... for Nature's sake

NBF Flexible

A laminate entirely made of compostable polymers with Din Certco "Seed" certification. Our laminate has undergone a complete composting process of up to 99% under industrial conditions.
Depending on demand, several types of laminate can be used:

Crisp packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate + NBF Flexible Laminate Metallized

Sausage packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate

Cheese packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate + NBF Flexible Starch Term

Tea/beans packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate + Monofilms

Confectionery packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate + NBF Flexible Laminate Metallized

Wet wipes packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate + NBF Flexible Laminate Metallized + NBF Starch

Pet food packaging

NBF Flexible Laminate

Supplementary windows for other packaging


Bags and sacks

NBF Starch


NBF Term

It is a blend of two compostable polymers and a thermoplastic starch derived from industrial potatoes. Fully compostable films with TUV OK COMPOST certification allow thermoforming of different shapes. The film can be made to the size of the thermoforming machines that are part of the production line and for the tray companies. NBF TERM seals very easily with NBF L – they have the same sealing temperature. Much lower by up to 40% compared to traditional plastics.

NBF Antistatic

Starch films for manufacturing bags, films and monopolymers and starch for thermoforming trays wherever ESD antistatic protection is needed.

NBF Starch

Soft films for the manufacture of sacks, poly mailers and carrier bags. Composting certificate TUV AUSTRIA OK COMPOST.


Compostable films with various properties

Bio Jars NBF

Compostable jars designed for packaging cosmetics and loose products.
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