Plant-based packaging

More than packaging...

Plant-based, compostable films are a great opportunity to eliminate petroleum-based plastics. From food packaging to fashion and electronics, EVERYONE can make a difference. You, too, can make a difference... our films have all the composting certificates for both monofilms and barrier laminates. We come from the plants and, ultimately, constitute compost by fertilizing the soil for them. Of Nature... for Nature's sake

Dry products

NBF Flexible Laminateeast
Packaging requiring a vapour barrier

Fresh products

NBF Flexible Laminate east Monofilms east
Durable and hygienic packaging


NBF Flexible Laminateeast NBF Termeast
Packaging with microbiological barrier


NBF Flexible Laminateeast NBF Termeast
Packaging for thermoforming and in-line sealing

Baked goods

Monofilms east
Simple and reliable packaging

Pet food

NBF Flexible Laminate east
Packaging with a vapour barrier


NBF Antistatic east
Films and packaging with ESD protection


NBF T Starch east
Compostable soft films

Household items

NBF Starch east Monofilms east NBF Termeast
Depending on the application, soft and thermoformable films

Hygiene products and cosmetics


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