Plant-based packaging

More than packaging...

Plant-based, compostable films are a great opportunity to eliminate petroleum-based plastics. From food packaging to fashion and electronics, EVERYONE can make a difference. You, too, can make a difference... our films have all the composting certificates for both monofilms and barrier laminates. We come from the plants and, ultimately, constitute compost by fertilizing the soil for them. Of Nature... for Nature's sake

A compostable product is a product that, after the biodegradation process, turns into co2, water and biomass in accordance with the EN 13432:2002 standard.

Compostable packaging is one where at the end of the packaging's life and biodegradation there is humus, in the biodegradation process we only change the physical parameters of the packaging and healthy humus is not necessarily produced.

For our company, compliance with the EN 13432 standard, i.e. Industrial Composting, is the most important. This standard describes when we have compostable foil. Meeting this standard is the most important because it confirms that under Industrial composting conditions we will turn our solutions into healthy compost. Home composting differs only in the temperature parameter - it must take place at 21 degrees Celsius. It is worth adding here that it does not have any European standard today, so it is more of a marketing ploy.

All our foils have migration tests in accordance with the EN 1186 standard for plastics. Upon request, we send the set or, if the customer wishes, we issue a declaration. It also happens that, at the customer's request, we perform further tests, taking into account the specificity of the product to be packaged.

Currently, certificates from the most important entities confirm composting and tests carried out by accredited laboratories. Therefore, it is important to perform tests only in accredited units.

Our foils do not pollute the waste stream, to do so we would have to constitute 5% of the volume of the input, which is currently impossible to achieve.

If our foil is stored in normal conditions without high humidity, it should not degrade. We even have packaging in our company that we made three years ago and it is still useful. Composting requires a composting environment.

Today, we offer a full range of food and non-food products. What limits us technologically is the packaging of products below 4.5 pH and various high-temperature sterilization processes.

It all depends on which type, but generally we like lower processing temperatures. Sometimes we can reduce processing temperatures compared to plastic by up to 40%.

Cooler temperatures are our favorite. Most compostable foils behave very well at low temperatures.

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