Plant-based packaging

More than packaging...

Plant-based, compostable films are a great opportunity to eliminate petroleum-based plastics. From food packaging to fashion and electronics, EVERYONE can make a difference. You, too, can make a difference... our films have all the composting certificates for both monofilms and barrier laminates. We come from the plants and, ultimately, constitute compost by fertilizing the soil for them. Of Nature... for Nature's sake

Our mission

GreenTree is a company that combines the power of hard work, passion and the right resources to transform the plastics sector and make it more sustainable.

To meet the challenges of today's science and industry, we bring in eminent scientists from different fields – materials science, microbiology and mechanical engineering to develop innovative solutions in compostable plastics.
The commitment of our interdisciplinary team has enabled us to establish successful cooperation with composting plants, machine manufacturers and polymer makers. We have focused on adapting compostable polymers for a broader range of applications, ensuring that they are not only environmentally friendly but also practical and functional..
When researching and testing various polymer blends, we put particular emphasis on the stability of the materials. Our findings have enabled us to create unique, stable and reliable compostable structures compliant with EN 1186, meaning they are safe for food contact..


GreenTree's series of actions has resulted in

a product that represents a breakthrough in sustainable packaging.

It is a fully compostable film made from plants, which is an important step towards sustainability and waste management.

NaturBioFilm is certified for commercial use in demanding segments such as food and cosmetics, among others.

The advantages of NatureBioFilm are multidimensional. From an environmental point of view, the product offers fundamental advantages in terms of waste management. The film is fully compostable, meaning that it can be treated naturally without creating harmful waste or toxic components. This reduces the strain on waste management systems and contributes to reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

In addition, NatureBioFilm is made from plants, meaning that its manufacture uses renewable resources rather than fossilized raw materials such as petroleum, which are used to make traditional plastics. In addition, NatureBioFilm is made from plants, which means that we do not use fossil fuels, such as petroleum, used in manufacturing traditional plastics. This is important for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategies, as the production is more sustainable, and the raw materials can renew naturally.
NatureBioFilm is not only safe for the environment but also meets the high-quality standards required in the food and cosmetics segments.

The awarded certifications confirm that it is safe for contact with food and cosmetics, making it an ideal choice for companies looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging.

To sum up, NaturBioFilm is a product that reflects GreenTree's drive to create innovative, sustainable solutions. This is not only a step towards more sustainable waste management but also a step forward for companies looking to improve their ESG strategies by using sustainable, environmentally safe packaging materials.

Organic recycling – closed loop

GreenTree's work does not end with creating a user-safe product.

We also ensure that our plastics are fully compostable, as certified by Din Certco and TUV Austria. As a result, our plastics not only do not harm the environment but can also be recirculated through organic recycling. In this way, we aim to close the life cycle of plastic, offering products that are not only useful but also compatible with the principles of a circular economy.

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